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Welcome to our site we like to inform you that we are fully secured with the “padlock”  you  can see it if look at your search bar it shows https instead of an insecured website that’s just http .

We do not take any of your personal data anyway but we like you to feel safe when browsing our website

Here is a little more info.

This is a very involved, and highly-technical process with the end result being encrypted communication between your website and the web browser of anyone visiting your site. Initially, what is termed a “handshake” takes place between the hosting server and visiting web browser, this initiates the secure connection. A “session key” is then employed to encrypt all data transmitted between server and browser. This prevents any data passed between both sides from being decipherable by any third party. Intercepting data in this manner is often known as a “man-in-the-middle attack.”

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