Airport parking for just £3 per day/£24 a week

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Airport parking for just £3 per day/£24 a week

Early morning flight? Long drive to the airport?

Don’t rush to the airport on the day of your flight – make your journey the day before!

Stay overnight in an Airport Hotel and wake up close to the airport feeling refreshed and ready to fly.

SPECIAL OFFER! Book an Airport Hotel packaged with parking at APH Gatwick, APH Manchester or APH Birmingham and pay only £3 per day/ £24 per week* for your airport parking!

Terms and conditions

Hotel bookings must be for a venue packaged with Park & Ride at APH Gatwick, APH Birmingham or APH Manchester for stays between 1st November 2018 and 31 March 2019. There is a 3-day minimum parking charge.

Bookings must be made 7 days in advance of the arrival date. Offer not valid for APH Meet & Greet bookings.

£24 a week price is based on a minimum 8 day stay; with parking charges equaling £3 a day.

Booking period : 15th October – 25th March 2019

Best Managed Pub in the UK Cornwall: 2-night harbourside stay, Only £99!

Best Managed Pub in the UK Cornwall: 2-night harbourside stay, Only £99!

If you’re a fan of coastal walks, followed by hunkering down in a snug lounge, The Rashleigh Arms could be the perfect spot for a winter escape. Voted Best Managed Pub in the UK, this cosy bed and breakfast in the fishing village of Charlestown is now offering 47% off this 2-night package.
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Two nights’ accommodation in a Standard Double Room, with daily full English breakfast, for two
20% off all food in the hotel restaurant (table must be pre-booked)
Fridays and Saturdays are an extra £10 per night (payable to the hotel direct)
Dogs are welcome at an additional charge of £10 per night (please enquire on booking)
Not available on 24 December-2 January

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One Year of Airport Lounge, Parking and Hotel Discounts with Trusted Travel Members Club (67% Off)

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The Deal
£10 for a one-year membership for a discounted airport lounge, parking and hotel bookings (67% off)

Gain access to members-only, exclusive discounts for UK airport lounges, airport parking and airport hotels
Members benefit from complimentary cancellation cover, complimentary SMS notifications and no booking fees

Flight Delayed? Cancelled ?

You may be entitled to receive up to £533.00 per person.

Compensation for a flight delay? How does it work?
Many travelers who fly regularly know the feeling when the plane is delayed and you have to wait at the airport. Sometimes this is not problem at all, but it gets really annoying during a long delay or if the flight gets cancelled. Sometimes it also happens that the flight is overbooked and the airline prevents you from boarding.

If you are unlucky, you will be left alone with your problem. Sometimes, you’ll get at least a voucher for some food, but most of the time that is just enough for a bag of crisps. What many passengers don’t know is that the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation entitles you to compensation from the airline – and it pays well!

How much compensation can I get?
The amount of the compensation you are entitled to depends on the distance of your flight. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve paid for the ticket.
• € 250 (approx. £ 220) – For flights of up to 1500 kilometers
• € 400 (approx. £ 350) – For all other flights within the EU
• € 400 (approx. £ 350) – For flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers from or to an airport outside the European Union
• € 600 (approx. £ 536) – For all other flights

This implies that your flight must either depart from an EU airport or arrive at an EU airport while it is operated by an European airline.

Do Airlines really pay the compensation voluntarily? And do they have to pay?
Sadly, both answers are no. Let’s start with the second question: Airlines don’t have to pay compensation, even if your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours or gets cancelled, if the reason is an extraordinary circumstance. This includes strikes, terroristic attacks or really bad weather.

But (and this leads to the first question) there are a lots of causes for flight delays which are within the responsibility of the airline, e.g. sickness of the crew/pilot or technical problems. Still, airlines often try to deny paying the compensation, stating these reasons were not their fault and therefore they won’t have to pay – if they answer your request after all.

This sounds complicated – is there an easy way to check if I’m entitled?
Luckily there is, a passenger rights company which developed an easy and free to use calculator, which helps you to check if you are entitled to compensation. Just enter your flight details (like flight number and date) and the calculators algorithm will check if you are entitled. It also uses the FLIGHT-DELAYED flight and weather databases to give you a detailed result.

If you want, they can also help you claim the compensation. They take care of all negotiations with the airline, including legal steps if necessary (and they have a success rate of 98 % in court). Now you may ask: “how much does it cost?” There is no fee associated with submitting a claim. They’ll only charge you 25% of the total compensation after they successfully claimed the payment from the airline. If they don’t win, you won’t need to pay at all!

In which cases can I get a compensation?
There are three cases in the regulation, which may entitle you for compensation:

Delayed Flight
• The delay has to be at least 3 hours

Canceled flights
• The airline has to give you an alternative to get to your destination (e.g. a rebooking)
• If the delay is more than 5 hours, you can cancel your flight and get your money back
• If your flights get canceled and the airline notifies you less than 14 days prior the flight and you don’t get an alternative flight, you are entitled to compensation
• If you get an alternative flight, it depends on the time you arrive at your destination and at the day, you got the notice:
o 14 till 7 days before flight and the alternative flight arrives more than 2 hours earlier or more than 4 hours later = compensation
o 7 till 0 day before the flight and the alternative flight arrives more than 1 hour earlier or more than 2 hours later = compensation

Denied Boarding
• If the airline won’t transport you on the flight you booked (e.g. because it’s overbooked), you are also entitled to compensation.
• That’s not the case, if it’s your fault, e.g. when you aren’t at the gate on time.

Still not sure if you are entitled for compensation? Just use the free and non-committal claim calculator.Link here Click here For Details